Bespoke Works

Bespoke Works

Bespoke Glazing Solutions

There are many times where an architectural request just does not fit within any of the main system suppliers products.  Bespoke glazing solutions such as bolted glass, frameless rooflights, architectural pressed metalwork, walk-on glass, and many more options are all available to you through TimTech.

Backed up by our comprehensive engineering service you can be sure that your building will look amazing, and be fit for purpose.

Bolted Glass

Bolted Glass Structures, perfect for offering a completely transparent Façade, ideal for car dealerships, or modern domestic living.  While engineering parameters must be adhered to, no two installations are the same.

Glass Rooflights:

Our frameless roof light design is truly a masterpiece of glass design and engineering, made entirely of glass which is loaded onto a prepared up-stand or structure.  Perfect for Commercial and Residential projects alike.

A simple rooflight, a walk-on rooflight, a bolted glass rooflight to match he rest of your project?  Our only limitation is the physical glass manufacturing limits.

Shop Front & Curtain Wall cloaking:

Cloaking profiles is a tricky art, it has taken many projects over several years to perfect the invisibly fixed interfacing between extruded system and bespoke pressed or formed products, in this time we have cloaked shopfronts and curtain walling screens in many different materials, it is one of our specialities!

Carbon Fibre, PPC Coated Aluminium, Anodised Aluminium, Stainless Steel, even Bronze and other metals are all at your disposal.

If required on an existing screen we can tie this together with fresh gaskets and glazing.

A portfolio of or work is available upon request, at last count we were well over 1500 projects since we began, we are proud of all of them, and any one of them could be applicable to what you are trying to do.  Please feel free to contact us for a bespoke portfolio of our projects focused on your requirements.