VR & Visualisation

VR & Visualisation

Architectural Visualisation

Used for years as an indispensable tool for portraying your vision to others, helping architectural firms, developers and system suppliers to showcase their proposed projects or products.

Planning permission, raising funding, creating interest, educating people in a photo-realistic environment.  All of these and more are now available to you through TimTech.

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Virtual Reality

Immerse yourself in your project like never before.  This product is used to great effect in conjunction with our Concept Development service.

Our clients are now able to view their project in a virtual world, it does not matter if you are around a meeting table in the middle of winter, in a different country, on the moon, or a the bottom of the Mariana Trench, if you can get there when you put the headset on you will see your project as it is proposed.

Imagine standing in the middle of a muddy field trying to convince and sell to someone that they are currently actually standing at the front door of their dream home.  Now slip on the VR goggles and they will see your vision, they will see their dream home.

A very powerful tool, I am sure you will agree!

Choose a time of year, a time of day, the wish list of that your project deserves.  You can even put your own car or bike in the drive!

“I want to see the view from my hot-tub” Absolutely no problem!  “Can I see the furniture I want in my office?” Yes, of course you can!  “What will my customers see when they walk into my building?” They will see this!

In a virtual world there are no limits.

A portfolio of or work is available upon request, at last count we were well over 1500 projects since we began, we are proud of all of them, and any one of them could be applicable to what you are trying to do.  Please feel free to contact us for a bespoke portfolio of our projects focused on your requirements.