3D Printing - Feel the difference

We all work differently, it is what makes the world such an amazing place.  Some people use their mind to easily transfer a 2D drawing or image into their interpretation of the finished item.  Others can not, they work in a tactile physical medium.  Luckily for everyone 3D printing is here.

All in House

TimTech now have in-house 3D printing facilities, this enables you to see and touch a proposed idea, a pressing, an interface, a new profile, a clip detail and many more.  Signing off ideas and proposals has never been so easy!

A portfolio of or work is available upon request, at last count we were well over 1500 projects since we began, we are proud of all of them, and any one of them could be applicable to what you are trying to do.  Please feel free to contact us for a bespoke portfolio of our projects focused on your requirements.