We Build Experience

Unfortunately we all work in an industry where profit is low, material cost is very high, and a single mistake can mean the difference not only between profit and loss on a job, but also in some case whether you have a business or not!

At TimTech we like to give back to the industry, we like to bring on younger designers who need that all important experience before being able to be considered for some of the positions on offer within the industry.

New to 2019 is our training course, we will take your potential designer and run them through a 6 week long intensive training course, covering all of the main areas of our profession.  From how to assess architectural and structural information, correctly setting out jobs, and generating correspondence, to pitfalls with systems and glazing, and more…

We would not be so naive to say we can build a Façade Designer in 6 weeks, after 20 years we are still learning! However, when your designer comes back to you they will slot in well to your team and be a proactive contributing member.